Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Your safety and your intimacy are very important, as well as securing an area in which not everybody should have access to. Your business information are confidential, this is why an access control system can become an integrate part of your business, regardless of how small or big it is. These smart devices allow you to control who has access to a specific zone of your building. Access control systems are available in different sizes and shapes, from which you can choose the one you need.

As technology evolving, privacy, and implicitly personal assets, became more and more valuable and even complex locks weren't able anymore to handle the various ways of breaking in. Keys were very easy to copy and loosing them could turn into major security risks. Imagine that only a few years back, thieves or burglars we able to open a door using only a hairpin or a credit card. This inconvenience was bigger, as the burglars not only were stealing everything on their ways, but they were having easy access to classified information from different offices.  

Using an access control system, you don't have to deal with locks anymore. As a modern technology, this device secures your residence or your office building, providing access only to whom you wish to. Controlled by a door card system, a smart card system or accessing it using fingerprints, your home or your office entrance can become a valuable keeper of your fortunes.
Relying on your residence or business needs, our devoted engineers can recommend standalone access control systems or online access control systems. The standalone system can be used to control one or more doors, using a numeric code, a smart card or even your fingerprints. To ensure that these devices don't need a specialist to be near them all the time, their software was developed as an easy to use one. An online access control system offers the possibility of controlling one or more entrances at the time, providing access via a network. Combined with a surveillance system, one single person can supervise in the same time both intense traffic and forbidden access areas.

VIP Security Camera Systems urges you to put on the map the safety of your family and the confidentiality of your business information. This is why we highly recommend to install access control systems at your residence or company building, using our professional services.

Our dedicated teams will:

  •    offer free consultancy and free estimates, to help you decide on what you need;
  •    design a network for an access control system if needed;
  •    install the needed system;
  •    custom programming for the device;
  •    offer a maintenance plan.

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