Surveillance/Security Equipment Maintenance

Whether you have an analog or a digital security system, maintenance is vital to ensure the efficiency of the cameras.

To provide best quality services, along with the installation, VIP Security Cameras offers to all its clients unlimited telephone tech support, software updates and full inspection every month. Using a secured internet connection, our technicians can remotely access your system, in order to ensure its high level functionality.


Our Monthly Maintenance services include:

- Check whether staffs have experienced any problems with the DVR or Access Control system.
- Carry out visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary;
- Examine camera support brackets for signs of corrosion and damage;
- Check physical condition of cameras housings for signs of deterioration due to rain dust or dirt;
- Check that lenses are correctly focused;
- Clean housing windows as necessary;
- Check Condition of monitors and cable connections;
- Check operation of controls and adjust for best picture;
- Check DVR time and date and adjust as necessary;
- Check DVR recording and resolution;
- Provide answers to any questions or queries staff might have.

Our clients needs is our main concern. Along with the installation and maintenance of a security camera system, our technicians will also explain that a physical damage by a client or a third party will not be covered by service contract or warranty. Please don't try to repair dvr or access control system even if it may seem easy, because this also will invalidate the warranty. For any questions and concerns, please call contact VIP Security Camera Systems today at (773) 679-9944.