Surveillance Systems

Surveillance System Professional Installation

Best for your home or your business, indoor or outdoor, VIP Security provides high quality surveillance systems. With years of expertise in the field and using the latest technologies and security innovation, our company offers full installation and maintenance services to record, archive and access surveillance videos.
VIP Security provides high qualified teams who will design and install commercial, industrial and home CCTV Surveillance Systems. We want to be a valuable partner to you, we are ready to make suggestions for improving your camera systems or for installing new ones, according to your demands and necessities.

Providing complete surveillance to your residence 24/7, these modern devices can be installed at most of the places. Knowing that your home is being watched all the time and having the possibility to take a look at it as well using an internet connection, your vacation will finally bring the relaxation that you have been waiting for. Having your residence under surveillance will also keep burglars and thieves away. Knowing that your place is being watched, robbers tent to keep the distance for the risk of being caught.

Affordable and convenient, installing surveillance cameras to your restaurant, market, office buildings, hotel or any other commercial space will increase productivity among your employees, will avoid frauds into your store and will dramatically reduce vandalism. Hidden or installed in a visible place, a security camera records and saves on its hard drive every image that could help you increase your business rating.

Our surveillance services include:

- free consultation and installation estimate, we analyse and decide the best option for our clients;
- choosing and delivering amterials;
- creating infrastructure;
- mounting and assembling components;
- positioning and focusing each camera;
- setting and programming the cameras.

According to our clients needs, we offer a wide variety of CCTV camera models, to secure and protect your property. Whether your residence or your business need analog or digital cameras, whether you need remote surveillance to connect and to view your cameras from anywhere in the world, our expert personnel will help you decide what is the best solution for you.

Analog Cameras


HD Cameras


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Dome Cameras



 Box Type Security Cameras



Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Cameras



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Network Recorders NVR






For more information about our surveillance systems services, contact VIP Security Camera Systems today and get your free consultation and installation estimate.