Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry System Installation

Easy to use and very useful, a telephone entry system can be the perfect solution for any residential, commercial or industrial usage. Designed as a primary access device for single-family homes, large multi-tenant facilities, office buildings or factories. Whether it's about integrated systems or a touch screen system is what you really want, VIP Security provides, customizes and installs a wide range of models from different brands which are known for their stylish line, quality and durability.

Telephone and intercom entry systems became one of the most common and easy to use methods for controlling visitors access at gates and doors. Communicating through telephone lines, this type of device can easily connect a secured entry point, as the gate, to a tenant or a building resident. Once this connection is made, different persons can communicate from outside the property to persons who are inside. Depending on their complexity, telephones or intercom entry systems can accurately reproduce sounds or, using integrated cameras, can broadcast for you 24/7.

Safety and protection are the main concerns when installing a telephone entry system. Very easy to use and consisting of only a few parts, this type of protection device will allow a two-way conversation with the caller, before you decide to let him into the building. If you have any questions or you want to know more about this type of security system, don't hesitate to call us at (773) 679-9944. We care about our customers needs and we deliver the best services in Chicago.

VIP Security Camera Systems provides a wide variety of telephone entry systems in Chicago, along with the needed accessories, which will meet your residential or commercial needs. A highly trained team will assist you in choosing the right device for you and will proceed with installing, programming and the maintenance of our products. If you're interested in mounting a telephone entry system or you're interested in updating the current one, VIP Security offers free consultancy and estimates, so that the solution provided by our engineers would be the right one for your residence or your business needs.